We offer the best furnace repair in Boring, OR 97009 for both heating and air conditioning service from our HVAC company to fix or install furnaces. Are you looking for one of the top Boring heating and furnace companies? Integrated Air Solutions has been the preferred HVAC company in Boring, OR for over 20 years. Whether you need to replace your furnace heating, fix a heat pump, or even install high efficiency air filtration, we can help. Integrated Air Solutions provides top quality furnace repair solutions throughout Boring, OR and surrounding areas. From furnace installations to heating and cooling service, we have you covered. We do our best to return you to your highest comfort level through honest, quality workmanship.

Furnace Service Company Boring, OR

Are you looking for a reliable furnace service company in Boring, OR 97009 to help you stay comfortable and relaxed all year round? During our hot and humid summers, and our frigid and unforgiving winters, it’s important to have a furnace heating unit you can count on. Our furnace repair experts at Integrated Air Solutions in Boring, OR 97009 are know for their prompt and high-quality furnace repair and maintenance services. Experiencing ventilation, heating or air conditioning maintenance issues? Your Integrated Air Solutions local furnace repair technicians are near you just an email or phone call away.

Furnace Services We Offer

  • Furnace Repair
  • Installation and Replacement of Furnaces
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Local Furnace Service Near You
  • Boring, OR Heating and Air Conditioner Repair

Boring, OR Heating and Furnace Replacement Services

Our full service heating and air conditioning technicians specialize in furnace replacement that can help you install a new unit to stay efficient and save money. Integrated Air Solutions is offering heating & furnace repair, ac installation & maintenance services in Boring, OR. Call us today at 503-558-8458 to get a quick quote or questions.